New Bloggers Design, New Profile Section And Other Fixes

Aug 16, 2023

Right after the release of EasyBloggers, I've made some quality of life changes on different pages. (If you haven't seen the announcement of the full release of EasyBloggers, see the announcement here)

New Bloggers Design

EasyBloggers have most of its page as tables, and it looks boring. My long term roadmap is to have better layout of all the pages available, and you can now enjoy the first revamped page, the Bloggers page. Please see the video below.

It now displays a summary for the product, per blogger. As you can see, you are now able to see how many products a blogger took, and how many products they already blogged.

You are now able to see their application as well!

New Profile Section

A profile section has been added in the settings. Bloggers, Creators, add your social URLs! This will help everyone to know what is your work, and it will be displayed on the new Bloggers page.

Expandable images

A lot of creators and bloggers asked for it, I'm glad to announce that it's here! To see the images bigger, simply tap or click on it, and it will show the picture in high quality. Click again somewhere in your screen to close it.

Better order of Posts

The posts are now ordered in a smarter way, depending on your current role:


  • “Waiting for review” posts

  • “In Progress” posts, with posts with Extension request at the top

  • “Missed deadline”

  • “Accepted” / “Rejected”


  • “Missed deadline”

  • “In Progress” posts, with posts with Extension request at the top

  • “Waiting for review” posts

  • “Accepted” / “Rejected”

Remove Deadline

A blogger has missed a deadline? Creators and Managers are now able to remove the deadline for a specific post. Please note that they will be able to request a product from your store again. The post will be back to In Progress

The blogger will receive a Notification about the removal, and it will be able to see in the Audit Log.

Other small fixes

  • [Dashboard] You can now properly click on the Links in the Recently Submitted Posts.

  • [Posts] When a post is rejected, a new post is automatically created with a deadline.

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