Announcing EasyBloggers v1.0

Aug 10, 2023

It's here!

I am pleased to announce that EasyBloggers is now in its version v1.0. After months of work, and testing with the partnered stores, this is the time for EasyBloggers to hit its first major milestone.

What's EasyBloggers?

EasyBloggers is a next-gen Bloggers Management System designed to simplify the management of bloggers teams for Second Life store owners. It allows you to manage your bloggers and save hours every week. 

Using EasyBloggers, you are able to invite your team (Bloggers, Friends, and Managers), and start monitoring the bloggers on their posts. You can establish deadlines, and allow anyone from your team to request a particular item.

Before EasyBloggers, managing your group of Bloggers required significant time investment. The bigger your team, the more time spent, leaving less time to focus on your expertise – creating products and increasing your revenue.

One of the best features, is the Application Form that is directly linked to your store, say goodbye to Google Forms!

If you want to see the full features of EasyBloggers, please visit the homepage.

EasyBloggers is now available to everyone

That's right! You are now able to create your store on the system totally by yourself. Visit the main store, and click the Store Management Terminals. 

The best part is that, EasyBloggers has a free plan to use. If you have a small store, or you want to try out the system, you can totally do it without paying anything.


As you may know, since the beginning EasyBloggers were in alpha, which means it was free to use until its full release. This allowed stores to try out a new system, to participate in its development and use a Bloggers Management System for free.

From today, along with this version 1.0, I am pleased to finally announce the final prices of EasyBloggers. The system comes with 4 possible plans:

  • Free, try EasyBloggers for free, with limited features

  • Starter, start to manage your bloggers for your store

  • Pro, get the most of all features, the most purchased plan

  • Ultra, Empower your store, for big businesses

There is a plan for every needs. ❤️ To learn more about the plans and their prices, please visit the homepage.

Ready to get started?

Visit the main store and use the Store Management Terminals to create your store. If you are not online, you can visit the documentation to learn more about the system as well.

Subscription and quota pages

To help you follow the remaining time of your subscription, as well as taking a look at the usage of EasyBloggers for a particular store, you are able to see all of that under the billing section of your Settings pages.


  • [Feature] From the Bloggers view, Creators and Managers are now able to send the Bloggers Package to a Blogger.

Thank you

I would like to finish this post to thank everyone who helped during these months, it's been stressful as well as rewarding to see the amazing support the system received. Please be sure that it's just the beginning of a new era for bloggers and creators.