Manage your bloggers with EasyBloggers and save hours every week

EasyBloggers is a next-gen Bloggers Management System designed to simplify the management of bloggers teams for Second Life store owners. Create products and add specific deadlines between three options.


Free up your time for creativity

Free up your time for creativity

Easily manage your team and tasks all in one place

Allow managers to manage your team, your products and review the posts

Configure automatic deadlines for your product

With your time saved, focus on what matters, your creations


Get started in minutes

  • Create your store at the main store.

  • Rez the package, and rez your first Dropbox.

  • Drag and drop your products in it.

  • Create your first product on the web interface, invite your first bloggers and you're all set!

EasyBloggers' features are tailored
to your Second Life store

EasyBloggers' features
are tailored to your
Second Life store

Time to say goodbye to Google Form

The Application Form is a personalize form linked to your store. With its dedicated URL, you can share it on your socials during your Bloggers Search.

After a Blogger fills the required fields that you have defined, you will be able to see their application in your Dashboard, and deny or accept them. 

Gather your team of Bloggers

Personally invite bloggers to your team, or use the custom Application Form included in your EasyBloggers subscription to share on your socials during a Bloggers Search.

Add a manager, and let them review the posts

Managers can be helpful when you have a bigger store and more bloggers and posts to manage.

Managers do have the same rights as the creators, so it can be a great help to manage your bloggers’ posts.

Create Locations for your products

Your team needs to know where the product is available, and the comment section was not the best, that's why EasyBloggers introduced Locations.

Create Locations for your products and reduce time spent by repeatedly copying and pasting the same URLs. Your bloggers will always have URLs up to date.

Prioritize your products

As a creator, you often want your bloggers to blog about the latest release first, specially when you are doing events.

With EasyBloggers, you can give prioritization to any products. You can choose between three levels of importance: Very High, High, and Normal.

Your bloggers must have a post accepted for the highest priority before they can request a delivery for another product with a lower priority.

A setting to automatically set priority back to normal after a while, it is available.

Invite your friends to your store

You might want your friends to enjoy the convenience of the delivery system of EasyBloggers to share your creations among them.

Friends are individuals who are not subject to the deadlines when taking products.

Set products as gift with optional blogging

While you can add friends to your store, you may want to gift some of your product to your team, regardless of their role.

This option allows you to specify an optional requirement for posting on social media for each product. No post will be automatically created upon delivery.

Don’t miss anything with the Audit Log

As a Store owner, it's important to know what's going on within your system, specially when you have managers managing your store.

This feature tracks and displays key actions in the store, providing a log of activities such as new blogger additions, new applications, and item requests.

Manage your store and team on the go

What if you can easily manage your store and your team on all your devices? Set a password for your account, access the app, and voilà!

EasyBloggers is a responsive app that will adapt to any desktops, tablets, or smartphones.

Publish your big news to your subscribers

NEW! Say hello to your next subscribers' system, EasySubscribers, included in your plan

EasySubscribers is the second web-based product from Kynno, the brand dedicated to help designers or events on the grid to grow their brands through clean and easy to use web products.

  • Using an import system from your old system.

  • Export your current list of subscribers into a .csv file and import it directly in EasySubscribers.

  • Manually add an avatar.Avatars can click on the kiosk at your mainstore or public location to subscribe.


Choose between three deadlines options

Auto-deadline: Request bloggers to blog about a certain product every X days

Deadline once: The deadline will be set only the first time, when a blogger requests a new product

None: Bloggers are free to take this item, without a deadline associated to it

But don’t just take our words for it,
see what our users have to say

But don’t just take our words for it, see what our users have to say

It is something that changes the rules of the game when it comes to establishing a team of bloggers. It adjusts to all types of needs, intuitive, easy to use and admirable how they add features week by week. And you can have more than 200 items uploaded! ♥

Lichi Moonwall

Thank you for creating an awesome scalable system, and with constant updates and improvements.

I also love that we can all interact and expect a timely response to changes and improvements to the system.

Pinq Freese
Owner of KUMIHO

The system is great, easy and affordable. I love that Luke is listening to us and our suggestions as well and update new features.

Owner of La Feminique

EasyBloggers has made blogger management a breeze for me. It's straightforward, easy to use, and adapts to all our needs. Setting up was a snap, and I appreciate the continuous updates. As the owner of Nikotin, I'm loving the simplicity and efficiency EasyBloggers brings to the table.

Niko Rowley
Owner of NikotiN

I am super pleased by the performance of EasyBloggers. The platform is incredibly clear and organized, making blogger management a breeze. It's user-friendly, and Luke's accessibility for new ideas or assistance is unparalleled. Whether you're starting out or an established brand, EasyBloggers adapts seamlessly. I've wholeheartedly adopted it into my routine!

Natacha Haroldsen
Owner of Enaitch

I love how easy the system is to use. The clean UI is a nice aesthetic to match the smooth workings of the system. It's a smart system that assists you to do what you need to with ease and quickly, which is perfect for me. It's also nice to see the system adapt and grow with new features on a regular basis. Customer service is unmatched.

Apple Pumpkins
Owner of Apple Fall

The system offers an easy and organize experience to manager your blogger team!

Arietu Kiyori
Owner of . Hanzel .

I love the convenience of having the EasyBloggers app on my phone so that I can manage posts, products, and bloggers on the go or when I am not around my pc for a bit.

The product dropbox is super easy to setup and manage available products from. I am very pleased with the system so far and can't wait to see where it goes in the future.

Tarrah Aphrodite
Owner of GLEAM

EasyBloggers is what I was looking for! This site is simple and intuitive for me and my bloggers. Luke is very responsive, I particularly appreciate his professionalism and kindness. I wish a long life to this new bloggers platform.

Deesselle Destiny

Owner of DS'ELLES

EasyBloggers has simplified my blogger team management like never before. It's user-friendly, affordable, and gets the job done without any fuss. I appreciate the responsiveness of the platform, and the fact that Luke takes our suggestions seriously is a big plus. As an owner, it's exactly what I needed for smooth and easy blogger coordination.

Raph Dirval
Owner of Signature

EasyBloggers is very straightforward and easy to use, and has helped make my products accessible 24/7 to my bloggers.

Lucky Effingham

EasyBloggers has made managing our team more organized & easy! On top of that, the interaction on creator feedback & updates has been fantastic.

Geena Carminucci
Bloggers Manager for Cosmic Dust

Easybloggers is a fresh, clean, affordable, and easy to use approach to blogger management in Second Life. I've been beyond thrilled with its features thus far & cannot wait to witness its growth on the grid. Luke has been nothing short of amazing when it comes to his customer service & development of this fantastic software.

Spruce Starlight
Owner of .Spruce.

Ready to jump into the future of bloggers management?

EasyBloggers has a free plan with limited features for everyone to try, or for small stores.

If you are interested in the system, please visit the main store by clicking the button below, and get started by creating your store using the Stores Management Terminal.