Users and Stores Profiles, Increased Store Locations And Improve Mobile Apps

Apr 19, 2024

Second Life is a social game where each user has their profile that includes their preferred locations, links to their social media accounts, their personal information, and their hobbies and interests. This is my favorite part of the game because it makes everything more special.

EasyBloggers used to lack this social aspect, but not anymore. I am happy to announce the introduction of Users and Stores profiles across the website, available right now for everyone.

Users Profiles

Accessible from anywhere on the app, anytime you hover a username with your mouse, a profile card containing the information about the user will be displayed. This is especially handy when you want to quickly check the social links of a user. And there is more!

When you click on the name on the card, you will be able to access the user's profile, which contains all sorts of information.

  • The about section tells you who they are and what they like to do.

  • If a user is part of a store, regardless of their role.

  • Their social media links.

If you are a creator or manager, of a store or event, you will be able to see the summary of products by a blogger, what product they successfully blogged (with an accepted post), what product is still in progress, etc.

Thanks to this profile update, a new category is here, accepted posts per month, which will give you a brief look at how many accepted posts a blogger got in the last 12 months. And finally, the data of the last application form they filled.

Stores Profiles

One of the biggest complaints from users, were the lack of Rules for stores. Store owners were using the Mailbox feature to display their rules to their team, which wasn't ideal.

Good news, stores have their profile too, including About, Rules and Socials Links. The profile will also show if the store is looking for bloggers. Bloggers, click on the link, and fill the form.

Lastly, bloggers, I know, you've requested it for a long time. This is it: you can now leave a store by yourself. However, to protect the creators and their creations, you have to blog and have an accepted post for each product you already took.

Mobile App with notifications badge

Did you know? EasyBloggers is fully responsive, and can be used on any device with a browser. EasyBloggers is also compatible to be installed as an application. Starting today, your application will now display a badge containing the count of unread notifications from your account.

A tutorial on how to install EasyBloggers as an application is available on the documentation.

Various changes

  • Event owner and manager can now remove one specific product from their event. Click on a product, and remove it.

  • The number of Applications, Products, Members, and Invitations is now displayed.

  • Increased Products locations:

    • Starter: 7 → 12

    • Pro: 12 → 30

    • Ultra: 20 → 50