Store Selector

Jun 17, 2023

No more restrictions

Everyone is now able to be owners, managers and bloggers for every store. 🎉 As such, for creators, the Dropboxes has been moved to the Kynno category, and you are able to access it when you selected a store you are owner of.

For each Dropbox, you are able to assign Stores to it. If you have one store, each new Dropbox will be automatically assigned to your store. If you have multiple stores, the Dropboxes won't be assigned to any store.

Store General Section

The Store General has been redesigned, to have a fresh and a clean UI. From here, you are able to add or remove managers for your store.

Profile Menu

Your Profile Menu is now located in the top right corner of your screen. If you want to create a second store, please send me a message and I will create it right away. Thank you so much, everyone, and let me know what you think!