Prioritize Your Products, With Automation, And More Bloggers Stats

Nov 16, 2023

As a creator, you often want your bloggers to blog about the latest release first, specially when you are doing events.

Introducing the prioritization of any products

You can choose between three levels of importance: Very High, High, and Normal. Your bloggers must have a post accepted for the highest priority before they can request a delivery for another product with a lower priority.

To go even further, EasyBloggers includes a setting that automatically sets priority back to normal after a while, depending on your setting and the products' creation date. Depending on your release frequency, you might want to increase or decrease the default value of 1 month. This setting can be found in the Preference page of your store.

More members stats

As a small update, by hovering the ? of the member card, you can check their Last Accepted Post, their Last Created Post, and their total Rejected Posts.

Various Changes

  • When reviewing an application, creators will now be able to add a comment. This comment will be sent in world to the blogger.

  • Updated Dropbox to v0.4, fixing the occasional freeze after a region restart.