New Notification Customizations Available for Store Owners

Oct 7, 2023

Did you or your bloggers ever miss the notification of a new product to blog? EasyBloggers is sending notifications in your local chat, or in the bell icon in the app, but sometimes you just miss it because the Second Life local chat can be quite busy.

Well, that time is over.

Introducing the Notifications settings for store owners

The new notifications settings allow store owner to set custom notecards or textures to send. At the moment, you can send an object for:

  • New Mail

  • New Product

  • Application Accepted

  • Application Rejected

You can decide to not send any object for these notifications, the notification in the local chat will still be triggered.

The creator package has been updated, and it now contains default templates of notecards for these notifications. You just have to rename the notecards with your store name, and they are good to good!

Various changes:

  • [CREATOR] When a blogger is being removed for your store, their pending posts will now be set as Cancelled, and won't appear anymore in the posts page.