Introducing The New Notifications System

Jul 15, 2023

EasyBloggers had a very basic notifications system, on various actions from the store or the bloggers (new product, new blog post…), in-world messages are sent to the owners of the store, or the bloggers only. This was inconvenient, and doesn't match the recent update where managers have been introduced.

Notifications Dropdown

Starting today, EasyBloggers gets notifications to another level in this update. All registered users have now access to the Notifications Dropdown which display the past notifications, as well as highlight the unread one.


The sidebar got an update as well, it will now display the count of unread notifications for a particular menu. Please note that by clicking on a menu item with unread notifications, it will mark as read the said notifications.

This system is just the first version of what I want for the notifications for EasyBloggers, it is still missing some key features (Sending notecards, send message in Discord…), but they will be able later, in future updates.

Various fixes

  • The interaction menu ••• on the Posts view will now only show when necessary.

  • Bloggers are now unable to create a Post related to a Product, if there is already a Post In Progress.

  • On the Products page, for the Bloggers, you will now have a Status column to show if you have already a post about a particular Product.

These changes will enhance your experience on EasyBloggers, the next-gen Bloggers Management System for Second Life store owners. If you are looking to know more about the system and what features it includes, please visit our dedicated page to it.