Introducing EasySubscribers, Your New Subscribers System

Mar 7, 2024

For a very long time, I’ve always been looking forward to creating something special in Second Life. I like to think about how a product could make you feel when you use it, whether it's for fun or to grow your brand. 

My goal with Kynno is to bring new products that make brands save hours each week, are easy to use, and are professional looking by modern standards.

EasyBloggers has been a step forward toward this goal. Its interface has changed what a Second Life product could look like. It proves that it’s possible to do things differently and create a truly easy, and proper experience. But it's not enough; there are so many other products that brands rely on to grow. 

Designers, event owners, and bloggers have been using EasyBloggers for months now, and they love to use it daily. They are excited when they first see the system, and they ask for more. 

Today, it is time to introduce a new product that will bring these experiences even further. I'm excited to announce EasySubscribers, the clean, easy to use, aesthetic appeal of EasyBloggers you all know and love, now as a Subscriber, included in your current plan.

Gather your subscribers

EasySubscribers is the second web-based product from Kynno, and it's the ideal way to share updates from your brand. It doesn't require your subscribers to have a group free slot, or to leave Second Life to know about what's going on with your brand. 

It allows you to gather a list of subscribers in three ways:

  • Using an import system from your old system. Export your current list of subscribers into a .csv file and import it directly in EasySubscribers.

  • Manually add an avatar.

  • Avatars can click on the kiosk at your mainstore or public location to subscribe.

From your subscribers listing, you can see the total count of active subscribers, the date when they joined your listing and how (import, manually or via your kiosk)

You can unsubscribe them manually as well.

Dispatch your big news using a newsletter

The newsletters are what contain the big news you want to share with your subscribers. Start to create and edit your first one, then publish it using one of your existing dropbox, the same one you are using for EasyBloggers.

Each newsletter must contain a title and a message. The message is limited to 700 characters, and the title is just here for you, to see it on your listing.

Making it easy, for everyone

Sometimes one of your subscribers may not be interested anymore in your brand they previously subscribed to, and that's fine. To make it easy for everyone, EasySubscribers have two ways to unsubscribe from a brand:

  • They can visit your mainstore or public location, and click on the EasySubscribers Kiosk.

  • Unique, and exclusive to EasySubscribers: Included in each newsletter, EasySubscribers provide a have a public link that they can click to unsubscribe. You won't have to manually unsubscribe someone who does not want to be part of your subscribers list anymore.

If they click on the link to unsubscribe from the message of a newsletter, they will see this completely optional form to give a reason to the brand of why they decided to unsubscribe. Which you can then see on your dashboard.

EasySubscribers is the perfect way to gather subscribers and dispatch your future newsletter to your subscribers list. You don't need a new account or a new machine to start publishing newsletters. Everything is in your EasyBloggers account and dropbox, and it's easy and convenient to use.

Use the Kiosk to get new subscribers

Each brand in their package receives a kiosk they can rez where they want. It also includes the full perm texture if you want to personalize it.

To enable the kiosk, you have to click on it, and select the store you want it to be assigned to.

Included in your plan

EasySubscribers is available to everyone having an EasyBloggers subscription plan, without any additional costs. Depending on your plan, you can have a limit of 1500 subscribers to an unlimited number of subscribers. You can also buy an optional add-on if you require additional subscribers before you have to upgrade your plan.

Since the last release note:

  • I added a payment option for 24 weeks (~6 months) upfront. If you choose this option, you will save 12% on the total price.

  • The bloggers search access has been redesigned to better match Kynno design. Request a new package to get the updated design.