Friends Can Create Posts And Important Mails Feature

Sep 21, 2023

EasyBloggers keep improving based on the feedbacks of its users, and there are the last changes made on the system.

Friends can create posts

Previously, Friends were supposed to only be able to request a product from a store, without the needs to create a post, or be affected by deadlines.

However, from the feedbacks we got, we decided to allow Friends to create posts. Please note that, they are still not impacted by deadlines, and a Post won't be created automatically when a Friend will request a product.

On the product page, we added a small heart icon on the left of the product for each store where, a member is a friend.

Cancel pending invitation

Sometimes as a creator, you invite a blogger to join your store, but after a while, you're realizing that this blogger never accepted this invitation, which is a bummer. You are now able to cancel a pending invitation from the Members page.

Important Mails Feature

As a creator, you can create Mails. This is a way for the store to give information to your members, new releases… However, it was lacking a way to say that a specific Mail was important.

With this update, you are now able to set a specific mail as important. An important Mail will always show at the top of the list, and will be highlighted with a star and a yellow background.

Various changes:

  • [CREATOR] For the Starter plan, you can now set a deadline of 30 days (it was 14 days before)

  • [CREATOR] You can correctly invite more than 3 members on the free plan, with add-ons.

  • [CREATOR] A fix has been implemented to allow the creators to delete a mail with notifications associated to it.

  • [MEMBER] In some cases, you could have a refreshing loop on /login. This has been fixed.

  • [MEMBER] The username login input is now less restrictive and case-insensitive. If your username is Joe Resident, you can omit the last name Resident and only enter joe.

  • [MEMBER] By default, the Products page will now sort the products by Created At.