Introducing EasyBloggers and

Introducing EasyBloggers and

This is my biggest project ever made for Second Life

Nov 1, 2022

Hello 👋, my name is Luke Rowley in-world, and I've been scripting projects since 2013 in Second Life.

How it began

I began scripting by writing scripts for my own use and to learn, then I wanted to try something more challenging. I started by scripting a Roleplay money HUD connected to an online database, which would show your character's current balance and allow transfers between avatars. I never really released it beyond my friends, but it was fun to create.

Just after that and at that time, I was playing a roleplay combat system which I was always fascinated by how it works and how it could be done, so I decided to create my own combat system, Kalz, which did not really take off. Eventually, after 2 years of development, I decided to make a version 2 of it, a complete revamp of the system with new unique features, responsive even with the Second Life lag we all know, and I called it Fighting Project System, the project lived for years, had mostly 70–80 players connected at the same time on a daily basis but then slowly died because other similar projects went live and people slowly moved between these systems.

I worked on another project, Gatcha Reseller, which allowed anyone with a vendor to sell their copies of a Gatcha. The original feature of this project was that it had a website similar to the Second Life Marketplace where you could browse and search for the Gatcha you were looking for. After finding what you wanted, you'd simply have to TP to the vendor and buy it! Neat!

Since then, I've been without a project, and that has been a source of great frustration for me.

Six years ago, a customer of mine contacted me to build a Blogger Management System for one of their events, which I accepted and created for them. It lasted only 3 months, but this was a project that I really liked to work. After it closed, I started to work on my very own version of a Blogger Management System, but a similar product was released before I was able to finish mine and I never wanted to work on something similar ever again; but 2 months ago, it changed.

After years of experience in Second Life, working with the needs of the creators that make what Second Life is now, I’m really proud to announce that I’ve been working on a Blogger Management System, EasyBloggers, since the Summer 2022. 🎉


EasyBloggers aims to create a unity between designer and blogger, a system that offers open communication and balanced advantages for both user groups. This is achieved partially with a tailored experience, in which the designer can choose the level of flexibility the system has by default in handling situations that can and do arise in daily life.

EasyBloggers provides blogger product management, automated in-world notifications, product requests, a review system and more; and this is just phase one, there is a lot more to come!

This is just the beginning, EasyBloggers has many more features that I think will help your stores.

EasyBloggers will be launched in Q1 of 2023.


I’m using from managing the licenses of the EasyTextures (EasyTextures is a HUD-building tool to let you customise your creations), to store the data of some of my customers. This is the website that I’ve been promoting around my scripts and my Marketplace, as it was the entry point of my scripting brand in Second Life. However, from what I want to build, I need to build a new website from scratch. is the new website I will be using and promoting from now on. More modern and more powerful, this is what I want for the future of my brand.

For the documentation, I already switched from to

As you probably already noticed, you’re reading a blog post. Writing blog posts was something I really wanted to add to my brand and to share insights into works in progress, upcoming features and behind the scenes' knowledge.

Hopefully you learned a few things about me and what I’m trying to achieve.

See you next time.