Build Your Store Awareness In Second Life

Build Your Store Awareness In Second Life

Let's explore the benefits to have a bloggers team for your Second Life store.

Jun 30, 2023

As a store owner, building awareness for your store in the virtual world of Second Life can be challenging, given that hundreds of thousands of stores are producing products every day.

Some strategies include participating in events or purchasing an enhanced listing on the Marketplace. However, depending on the event or enhancement you're targeting, these options can be costly. But did you know that there is a simple, cost-effective way to promote your products to a targeted audience? It's by having a team of bloggers for your store. 

What is a blogger in Second Life?

Bloggers are residents in Second Life, and can be seen as influencers on the social medias. They are individuals posting portraits of avatars, a scene, or a landscape on social medias, and they usually post contents for their own pleasure, or as part of a blogger job for a store.

Businesses and bloggers help each other, the stores give free products to their bloggers they want to see promoted and in return, bloggers promote these products on social media platforms like Flickr, Facebook, or even their own websites. The idea is for businesses to leverage the exposure that bloggers can provide on their social media platforms. In return, bloggers receive free products – creating a win-win situation.

However, managing a team of bloggers isn't always straightforward. Unfortunately, Second Life doesn't provide the necessary tools out-of-the-box for efficiently managing a team of bloggers. Some businesses resort to the group notices feature, but it lacks critical features like automatic delivery, notifications, and a comprehensive view of the progress your team is making on a particular product.

EasyBloggers, the next-gen Bloggers Management System

This is where EasyBloggers steps in. It's designed to streamline the management of your blogger team, saving you countless hours each week. It's a web-based tool, using the latest web technologies to ensure a smooth experience during its usage. It provides the necessary features to manage your bloggers team with ease, and here is a quick look at what you can do with EasyBloggers:

  • Custom Application Form: Our tool features a unique form that helps you gather the necessary information from bloggers when they apply to join your team. This means you don't have to use Google forms anymore, you just have to share the provided link.

  • Set deadlines: When a blogger asks for a product to create a post about, you can give them a time limit to create a post.

  • Invite Friends: If you share your products with friends, you can add them to the system, enabling them to request your products directly. These friends don't have to worry about deadlines.

  • Manage your team: You can add or remove bloggers from your team and keep track of their posts.

As part of the user experience, EasyBloggers integrates seamlessly with Second Life, ensuring your products or notifications are always delivered on time. This way, you don't have to send products or send reminders manually.

By using a tool like ours to manage your bloggers team, you can save hours of work every week. Beyond that, it helps your business stand out among the multitude of stores in Second Life, ultimately allowing more people to discover your products and become your customers.

If you are interested in trying out EasyBloggers, you can visit our dedicated page to EasyBloggers.